Sick Songs

by Crooked Sun

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"Sick Songs" is a short little EP that lives up to its name. Consisting of songs made in a time of sickness over the course of a number of months to best of my best abilities. Meant to serve as a small release to bridge the gap until i can properly do a album.


released February 11, 2015

I just wanna thank everyone that's been there for me.



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Crooked Sun

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Track Name: No Protecting Me
Mother puts angels in my room and gargoyles near my bed
to protect us from the crooked ones, oh the crooked ones

But there's no protecting me. so let me burn with my favorite smoke

Tilt the scales the astrology says there's no balance left no balance left.
So tie a brick to my ribs and toss them out and toss them, with all my future bad ideas and mistakes. There's no grace left here.

Casting Shadows on my former self's shadow.
Track Name: Don't Wait
Don't wait for me, to come down from this high place, just wait for me to crash down, down, down.

Let me pick you up, from a place i grew up and i'll burn down all the things i used to love.
Track Name: Open Heart Surgery On The Sun
Watched you slowly dig through my insides. Trying to mend my skipping heart.

Watch me shake an shake myself down to nothing, while you whisper its okay.

Prescribing me pills full of bad ideas, that might make things seem better.

As you try and piece me back together, turns out looking like some really bad weather.

Oh Heather make a sweater and I’ll sew it to myself like leather, oh Heather make me a sweater one that will hold my life together.
Track Name: Be There?
I know i will be there for. I know i won't be there for you